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Aisha: This Village Mom Had Questions

<p class="chapter-lead">“I’m really trying hard to understand both the Bible and the Qu’ran.”</p>

Think about someone you look up to. Maybe your mom. She’s always there for you. She can answer your questions, or at least just listen. But what about when she has questions? Especially about God? Wouldn’t you want her to have someone to talk to?

Aisha is a 56-year-old woman in Southeast Asia. She lives in a village that most of us can hardly imagine, let alone travel to very easily. It’s a lush, tropical paradise full of beauty and culture, but also a place known both for Islam and black magic. Picture a mosque on one side of the street and a witch doctor on the other. It can be a pretty dark place.

It might be hard to believe, but even people in small villages like this have access to the internet these days. And sometimes this is the only way to find information about the God of the Bible in communities where there isn’t a church and there are very few Christians.

A Journey of Discovery

A couple of years ago, Aisha had already heard of Jesus, but she was wondering if He could really cleanse people of their sin. She saw a Pioneers media outreach ad and responded, asking us her question. So we invited her to study the Bible to find out. She fell off the map for a little while.

Six months later she contacted us again and asked about the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament. This time she also trusted us enough to ask for prayer.
Finally, six months after that, she contacted us again. She was the most open with us she’d been, and said,

“I’m really trying hard to understand both the Bible and the Qu’ran. I try to follow all the religious laws of Islam, but I also want to understand the Bible, since it is God’s Word, too.”

Whoa! What an opportunity! And even though it took a year and a half, these are the moments we’re hoping for. We have relationships with people on the ground in Southeast Asia—all over the world, really. We connect them with seekers like Aisha after we’ve talked online. Even though meeting in person could be dangerous in the place she lives, she said, “With all my heart, I would love that.”

The next month we connected her with one of the few local Christians, and Aisha came to believe in Jesus that day. She was even baptized the next month.

The People Behind the Numbers

Sometimes these stories get lost inside big statistics and big numbers, but remember, there is a person on the other end of those numbers. A person just like Aisha, or your mother.

Pioneers media outreach is always expanding, and over the course of a year, one team in Southeast Asia engaged nearly 10 million people with over 700 people being moved to download and read the Bible. And about 275 people made a decision to follow Jesus. We are in contact with thousands more!

Who knows what God will do in their hearts in the next year?


Next STeps

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Video—Aisha’s Story
Video—Aisha’s Story

Aisha had little access to the gospel. But she had a lot of questions. Because she came from a Muslim background, she found it hard to believe that Jesus can really save people from their sins.

Media Outreach: Weekly Data Dashboard
Media Outreach: Weekly Data Dashboard

See how we have reached Arab seekers through digital media in the last seven days. Similar efforts are happening globally!

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