Is the commission still great?

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Steve Richardson has served as president of Pioneers-USA since 1999. Pioneers mobilizes and supports 3,200 missionaries and marketplace professionals who impact 500 unreached people groups in 95 countries.

Steve was raised in Indonesia, where his parents planted churches in a jungle tribe. He witnessed the impact of the gospel on their war-like society, a story documented in his father’s missionary classic, Peace Child. Steve and his wife, Arlene, also spent 11 years planting churches among an unreached people group in Southeast Asia.

The Richardsons now live in Orlando, Florida and have been blessed with four daughters and 13 grandchildren.


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Doug McConnell

The book is ideal for small groups and church mission committees to foster a discussion of the role of individuals and churches in fulfilling God's mission for the world. Richardson's writing invites you to participate in a way that will result in significant outcomes.


Matthew Ellison

This important book will graciously create needed tension in the heart and mind of readers so they can discern whether their Great Commission beliefs and practices are shaped by biblical convictions or by something else. Steve's book will help you think about missions well. Read it!

President Emeritus, CRU

Steve Douglass

Steve Richardson draws from decades of experience leading church-planting teams in Southeast Asia and leading an excellent international mission sending agency. He has great insights on the importance of doing missions today.


Ted Esler

Steve has put into words what many who work in missions leadership have observed but been unable to voice. Namely, mission myths have led to a pandemic of ignorance about the realities and opportunities of mission.