A complete small group study guide

We’ve created a free online study guide that’s perfect for small groups to use while reading through the book together.  For a short time, you can order copies at a discounted price.

Helpful Tips

How to use the online study guide

The study guide was designed to be used over 10 weeks. Each week includes a video, snack ideas, and discussion questions.

If you’re interested in hosting a small group, check out our in-depth Facilitator Guide which walks you through each week. Or you can simply visit each week’s guide online and hover over the information icon for some simple prompts to get you going. We also put together af missions terms that may be helpful to reference.

Table of COntents

What’s in the study guide?

Want a sneak peek?

Check out the Week 1 study guide video below, or visit the full Week 1 page to see what each week could look like.