Googling Jesus

Bakeer, a Student Who Wanted to Learn

<p class="chapter-lead">Bakeer found the Bible to be completely different from the Qur’an. But he felt he needed help understanding it.</p>

Bakeer was a university student. One day in class, he was listening to his professor make very sarcastic comments about Christianity. But something in his comments led Bakeer to ask himself, “How can we make fun of them without really understanding their faith?”

He Went to the Source

After that Bakeer decided to download the Bible onto his phone. He enjoyed learning about Jesus and appreciated His teaching. Bakeer also found the Bible to be completely different from the Qur’an. But he still felt he needed help in understanding it. When Bakeer found a media outreach website, he was able to learn more about Jesus.

He Put His Questions on the Table

Eventually, he phoned the media ministry and asked if he could meet with someone face to face. When that meeting happened, Bakeer came with a lot of questions, and the Christian he met with did his best to answer them. As things fell into place, Bakeer put his faith in Jesus.

He Shared Jesus With Others

This didn’t make Bakeer’s life any easier. He was soon under pressure from his family because they were afraid of what might happen because of his interest in Christianity. Even so, Bakeer introduced his Christian friends to someone he knew who also wanted to know more about Jesus. They prayed that Bakeer would grow in his faith and be strong and that his friend Mahmoud would put his faith in Jesus, too.

A Picture of Receptivity

All this started because a young man realized he didn’t understand Christianity and decided to learn more. He used the internet not only to track down a Bible in his language but also to learn more about what it meant and find someone who could answer his questions. Praise God for Bakeer’s initiative to learn and grow and act on what he discovered to be true.

“You will seek Me and find Me, when you seek Me with all your heart.” – Jeremiah 29:13

Receptivity Matters

Cross-cultural missionaries and other Christians may spend years planting gospel seeds among their neighbors, friends and others in their circles of influence. And this is all well and good. But media strategies allow us to cast our nets further. We’re grateful for online gospel resources, ads that help people find them, and patient, loving response teams ready to come alongside those whose hearts God has prepared to receive Him.


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Video—What Is Media Outreach?
Video—What Is Media Outreach?

What if a spiritual seeker in an unreached part of the world uses Google, YouTube or even Facebook to find answers to their questions about Christianity?

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