Googling Jesus

Conclusion: Seven Strategic Ways You Can Pray

Prayer is the foundation for any ministry that extends the gospel among the unreached. We have seen so many God-ordained transformations because of the prayers of faithful people. Please keep praying!

  • Pray for hope and light to reach many across the world through media outreach. Pray that digital campaigns will be effective in spreading the love of God among those who have had the fewest opportunities to know and follow Him.
  • The past few years have been challenging for many people across the world. Pray specifically for those seekers who have come to faith in these difficult times and are still waiting for an opportunity to meet with someone face to face and become part of a community of faith.
  • Pray for new believers like those in these stories as they experience the challenges that come from choosing to follow Jesus. These challenges increase as they grow in their new faith and share it with their families, friends and communities.
  • Media ministries continue to innovate, adapting to ever-changing technologies and restrictions. Pray for our teams as they navigate these changes and seek God to inspire them as they look to the future.
  • Ask God to protect and guide ministry teams using social media to find people interested in knowing more about Jesus and the Bible. These strategies are not without risk.
  • Launching effective online campaigns to reach people seeking God requires in-depth research and detailed preparation. Pray for creativity and perseverance in putting together campaigns.
  • When is the right time to transition from an online connection to a face-to-face meeting? Pay that many seekers would desire such a connection and that those responding would have wisdom about how and when to take the next step.


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